tecnologia italia per l'industria dei laterizi e della ceramica
Italian technology for heavy clay and ceramic industry
Disce pati, si vincere voles


Engineering and construction of brick and refractory dryers. Realization of complete ventilation systems for drying. Automation of the drying cycle.


Engineering and construction of static high performance kilns or tunnel kilns for cooking the material up to 1,500°. Pile wagons and kiln automatic regulation.

FIRING systems

Construction of fire machines both in the ceiling and in the wall and hot air generators for every need. Fuels used: methane, LPG, heavy oil, coal, biomass and solid fuels.


Engineering, construction and service on all drying and kiln handling machines. Wagons cleaning machines and automatic greaser machines. 


Engineering and technical consulting at all stages of the production process. Laboratory tests, analysis and field measurements with the most modern systems.


Spare parts for kilns, ceramic and refractory production plants. Spare parts for burners and generators of any brand. Used and reconditioned equipments and machines.